Thursday, December 9, 2010

Projects & Crafts

We have had a lot of projects & crafts for school over the past weeks!
The girls also enjoyed making paper rings, bracelets & crowns!
They are wearing them in the pictures with their projects!

Emily's was to design a suit for Santa, because Mrs. Claus shrunk it. She also had to wright a letter to Santa & persuade him to use Emily's suit! We made a suit with a thermal shirt & fleece pants to keep him warm & a vest made of spandex so it could stretch. Emily was really excited about her project! They all look really cute hanging in the hall at school!

Santa's Emergency Suit

Nathalie's craft was to make a Boot Stocking! She helped pick out the supplies, but when the Elmer's glue wouldn't stick I had to use the hot glue gun! Again, they all look so cute hanging at her pre-school.

Boot Stocking

Kayleigh had to make a volcano for Science! Casey had the great idea to use a Christmas tree stand! The only requirement was to have a 20oz. bottle to support the explosion. We used felt, sandpaper, moss, rocks & paint. We had a lot of fun making it! Kayleigh also had to write a paper about different kinds of volcanoes & about her volcano & the supplies she used! She was so proud & we were proud of her too!

Mt. McKayleigh

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