Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Nattie!!!!

Western Cake

Nattie w/her cake

Nattie Make A Wish!

Nathalie's Birthday this year was so much fun! We had a Western Theme & held it at Griffin's Riding Arena.
The kids had a blast! They got to ride horses, have a calf scramble, pull the ribbon off the goats tail & ride on a barrel train.
This year we included a few friends in the celebration, so between all the family & friends we had about 20 kids!
The kids ran there legs off & fortunately we remained injury free!!

Ride! Nattie Ride!

Emily Not So Sure!?!

Cowboy Caige

Katie w/her mom Dawn
Kayleigh in the background

Cowboy Jack

Cowgirl Leah

Tyler on the train

Tom on the train

Andy on the train

Abbie Gayle on the train

Camille on the train

Kayleigh, Andy & Tyler
Chasing the goats

Waiting for the calf scramble

Caige, Andy, Emily & Nattie
Chasing the calf

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  1. What fun! Can't believe she's growing up so fast . . . I'll deliver some late birthday kisses to all 3 of those little angels in just a few more days! xoxoxo