Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Husband, Father, Son & Friend

(Leigh’s facebook):
"My heart aches, but my faith is still strong."
“Nick was a great, godly man, best friend, wonderful loving father, and husband and friend to all. He will be missed by many."
"This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad. I love you, Nick – always and forever (and a day)."

"Missed by many" -- it's a sentiment that rings true for all the lives that Nick Giglio touched in Texoma.

“They [the Giglios] were very compassionate,” said Martha Testerman (family friend).
“The type of people who do all the quiet things behind the scenes."

“If you were down and out, call Nick, and he’s right there to swoop in and save the day,” said Misty Giner (family friend).

“You wouldn’t find a better officer,” said Major Colby Cates, who served with Capt. Giglio. “And his character was just top-notch. Beyond any doubt. I knew what Nick was about. The Air Force has lost a great person, a great officer, a great pilot."

And, they say, a devoted family man who adored his wife, Leigh, and one-year-old daughter, Grace.
“As soon as Baby Grace was born, Leigh told me that Daddy was already wrapped around her finger,” said Melissa Southard (family friend).

“I remember the first day back to work for her daddy - just the sheer joy in his eye that he had had a baby girl,” Major Cates said.

Leigh and Nick are now expecting a new baby boy – who –along with Grace – will grow up learning about his dad's legacy: “He’s not here to give them hugs,” Martha said, “but he would be proud of his kids, too. He would treasure them."

And those who served with Nick in the Air Force ... who went to church with him ... who felt his impact ... want his children to grow up treasuring his memory.

Lt. Col. Pat Testerman has this message for Nick's children: “We know you miss him – lots of people around here miss him, too,” Testerman said.
“He’s worth remembering as your dad. He's someone that - when you finally get to see him - you're going to just be amazed as well."

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Did I Do That?!?!

Steve Irkle, Eat your heart out!!
One of the themes at school was Nerd Day.
The girls love to watch reruns of Family Matters!
So Kayleigh used "Irkle" as her nerdy inspiration.

And of course Nattie had to get in on the Nerdy Action!

I think Aunt Marla said it best:
"Look at my Nerdy Nieces!"

"Only A Mother Could Love"

Kayleigh had her 1st Band Concert of the school year!
The title of the concert was very fitting:

"Only A Mother Could Love"

So many people came out to support the 5th Grade Band!
The Band Directors: Mr. Alsup & Mrs Hadderton have worked hard with the kids to teach them the basics of the instruments and a few simple songs.

One of the songs they played was:
"We Will We Will Rock You"

Kayleigh really enjoys playing & practicing her clarinet!
We are looking forward to their next concert in December!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

MiMi's Memories

Trisha asked that we put her pics on a CD.
In the process, we pulled off some of our favorites!
We decided on the title & picked a song to go along!
Hope you enjoy!

Plowin' Partner

Casey & Dylan finished plowing for Greg while he & Brenda were in Houston seeing Rich, their new Grand baby.
Nathalie wanted to go with Casey, she is such a Daddy's Girl!

Casey helping Nathalie get on the tractor

Casey & Nathalie after the tractor was parked

Saturday Morning Sunshine!?!

Forget Friday Night Lights, when you can have Saturday Morning Sunshine!
The girls & I went to see Caige play football, Ringling vs Walters.

The Ringling Blue Devils, Caige is #75!

Camille in her Blue Devil Cheerleading Suit

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!

We have celebrated many birthdays the last few weeks!
Nancie: Sep 25th
Jennifer: Sep 29th
David: Oct 1st
Sue: Oct 5th
Trisha: Oct 6th

We had a huge cookout at Dad & Nancie's a couple of weekends ago!
Dad fixed BBQ ribs, hot links, & sausge
I made potato salad & brought the cake
We celebrated with friends & family!

For the rest of the birthday people, we went to eat at Olive Garden!

Jennifer & Joseph

David & Mom

Mom & Kayleigh

Casey & Trisha

Kayleigh, Andy & Emily

Tommy & Uncle Casey

Papa Jerry, Nathalie & I didn't make it in the pictures, but we enjoyed the party!

Hello Dolly!!

As many of you know, our family enjoys Theatre!
We are very fortunate to have 2 wonderful Theatres here in Wichita Falls.
The Wichita Theatre & Opera House & The Backdoor Theatre!

My good friend, Randi Roanhaus, starred as Dolly in the Theatre Production:
Hello Dolly!

“Hello, Dolly!” for those not familiar with the musical (made popular by Carol Channing on stage and Barbra Streisand in the movie) follows Yonkers matchmaker Dolly Levi (Roanhaus) in her quest to help an artist, marry the eternally whiny and distraught Ermengarde. Sadly for her, Ermengarde’s uncle is the unbending, stern and rich Horace Vandergelder (Blane Murphy), who doesn’t believe she should marry a man with such poor prospects.

Left:Dolly Levi
(Randi Roanhaus)
Right:Horace Vandergelder
(Blane Murphy)

The show was wonderful!
Thank you Randi for inviting us to friends & family night!