Monday, September 28, 2009

Roundup & Carnival

Along with Homecoming, Holliday has many fun activities the whole weekend!
Saturday night the girls & I went to the Talent Show at the school.

Kayleigh had a friend that performed & did very well!
Her name is Becky & ever since she was old enough to walk her mom had her in dance.
She did two dance routines to the country singer Dierks Bentley! I Love Him!!
Becky's dance was unique because she clogged!
You never hear about clog dancing anymore!
Becky did such a good job the auditorium gave her a standing ovation!!!

When the Talent Show was over there was a BBQ dinner & Carnival at the Elementary.
They had lots of fun booths & activitities!

Emily won a cake at the cake walk!

Kayleigh Putt -Putt

Emily Hoop Shots & Putt- Putt

Holliday Homecoming Week

Homecoming is always a fun week during football season!
The kids get to dress up all week!
Here are just a few of the fun themes:

Biker Babes: Roll Over the Tigers

Mismatched Mamas: Scramble the Tigers

Farm Maids: Plow Over the Tigers

Homecoming Mums & Spirit Stick
As you can see Kayleigh was not happy! :(
She didn't want to wear the mum because she didn't have a bra strap to pin it to like her friends did!?! Ha Ha

Well the week was fun, but sadly Holliday lost to Jacksboro by one point! :(

Munchkins & Lunchkins

On the 2nd Tuesday of the month, the girls & I meet with a group of moms & kids at my friend Ginger's Church.
The group is called M & Ms (Moms & Munchkins).
Some of the women are members of the church, some are military from SAFB & some like me are just friends with someone who started the group.

They have nursery workers that do fun activities with the kids & we take turns bringing food to share for the kids.
The moms bring food (usually some theme) & have different topics we discuss.
Sometimes there are guest speakers, but mostly we just visit & have a good time!

So to get to the point of this:

We also meet for play dates! It is a lot of fun!
Since Kayleigh & Emily are both in school, Nathalie & I have some 1 on 1 time!

This time we met at Lucy Park & had a picnic.
Then we all walked to feed the ducks!
The kids all play well together & the moms have a good time visiting!

Monday, September 14, 2009

2nd Generation Friends

Brooke, Ginger & I have been best friends for 20 years!
From elementary, to junior high, to high school, to weddings, & children!

Now 20 years later:
Brooke & Jody adopted 2 beautiful girls: Chloe & Macie!
Ginger & David have the cutest son: Jack
Casey & I have the girls!

The kids all love to spend time & play with one another!
Chloe celebrated her 4th Birthday over Labor Day weekend.

Jack is already going for the older ladies!

These kids will be good friends for many years to come!
Thank God for Good Friends!

Grandparent's Day

The Kindergarten Classes had a special lunch with their Grandparents!

MiMi (Trisha) & Emily

Grandmaw (Elwanda) & Emily

Mrs. Baumer & Emily

Sunday was Grandparent's Day!

Emily, Grandmaw Welch, Aunt Jeanine,
Grandmaw Elwanda & Kayleigh

Kayleigh & Emily enjoyed some fun games!
They played musical chairs,
clothespin in the cup,
chopstick tootsie roll pick up,
& decorated cup cakes for the residents!

Happy Grandparent's Day!!

School Days

First Day of School

Watch out Kindergarten & 5th Grade, here come the Stone Sisters!!

1st Pep Rally

Outshine Windthorst - Wear Bling/Shiny

Colors, Colors & Businesslike too

The 1st 10 days of school Emily had to wear a certain color.
Nathalie is also learning colors at daycare, so she has had to dress the part too.
Another Pep Rally: Get Down to Business: Beat the Hawks

The girls are enjoying school & making new friends!
Kayleigh is in the 5th Grade Band & is playing the clarinet.
Emily is enjoying the Pep Rallys & loves Show & Tell each week.
Nathalie is learning colors, shapes, letters & numbers.
Casey & I are just trying to keep up with all of it!