Thursday, May 20, 2010

Navy Brat #3 & Navy Woman #4

The Navy Brat was wonderful! The whole time I was reading it, I pictured it as a movie!
I had actually finished the book a few weeks ago, but never got a chance to post it.

The navy daughter would never be a navy wife!

Erin MacNamera had one hard and fast rule: Never, never, never fall for a navy man. But, from the heart-stopping moment her eyes met Lieutenant Brandon Davis's across a crowded lounge, Erin knew life would never be the same. Sexy, tender and strong, Brandon was all she'd ever dreamed of in a man, but he was also navy- and as a navy brat from way back, she knew better than to give her heart to a seafaring man.

When an old friend asked Brandon to look up his eldest daughter, he never dreamed Erin would turn out to be a stubborn beauty who resisted him at every turn. Couldn't she see that they were meant for each other? When Brand was called to duty, it gave him the perfect opportunity to teach his sweet Irish rose a thing or two about navy men- and love...

Navy Woman, what can I say!?! This book had a whole lot of lovin'!! It too was really good!

Could she choose between the Navy and love?

Busy attorney Catherine Fredrickson loved her job at a submarine base in Washington, but her new boss, Royce Nyland, had her spirits sinking fast. The icy widower was distant, demanding... and incredibly attractive. And though he kept her at arm's Lent, he aroused a stormy passion in Catherine that was impossible to deny.

Already struggling to keep afloat while caring for his energetic daughter, Royce didn't need any more distractions- especially not in the form of an appealing woman! Though the laws of the sea deemed naval fraternizing strictly taboo, how long could Royce resist romance when just the sight of Catherine capsized his vulnerable heart?

I have already started # 5, Navy Baby ! So far, so good!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Girls Are Growing Up

Kayleigh 5th Grade Spring

Emily Kindergarten Spring

Nathalie Daycare Spring

I Love You BERRY Much

A few weeks ago, the M&M (Moms & Munchkins) Group went to Young's Orchard in Charlie to pick strawberries. We had such a good time!

Nattie was a sweet girl & we really enjoyed ourselves along with our friends! When we all finished picking, we enjoyed a picnic.

Our strawberries didn't last long! Once the big girls got home from school they ate them all! I don't even know if Casey got one!?!

* Notice that Nattie's hair is much shorter!?!
* She gave herself a haircut! We were very upset!
* The hairdresser really fixed her up pretty cute!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Stone Family Reunion

Newest Stone: Baby Bennett
4 Generations:
B.W.& Doris, Vickie, Jake & Bennett

Hot Shot & Great- Grand Kids:
Kayleigh, Emily, Nathalie
Crockett & Rich

Stone Brothers & Sisters
(2 unable to attend)

Stone Brothers & Sisters
In-Laws & Out-Laws

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Giglio Gallery

I wanted to do a special post for Mother's Day!
This is for my dear friend Leigh Giglio.
She is an amazing mother & friend!

Leigh has such a strong faith, & grows closer to the Lord each day.
Leigh lost her husband Nick in October of last year. They were High School sweet hearts & loved each other so very much! I believe they were Soul Mates!!

Leigh & Nick lived in Wichita Falls for 4 years as he was stationed at SAFB. Leigh & I worked together at House of Hope. I am so blessed to have gotten to know Leigh so well & become such good friends!

Leigh & Nick were blessed with a daughter Grace, & I was so happy to get to help out the 1st few weeks of her life. Shortly after Grace was born, they moved to San Antonio.

Leigh & Grace

They lived in San Antonio about 9 months & then were stationed in South Carolina. Nick was living out his dream! He had gone through so much training preparing to be deployed for the war. In the midst of all this Leigh was excited to find out they were pregnant with their 2nd child! (a boy)

God had different plans for the Giglio family. In October, Nick died doing what he loved! He was a F-16 pilot! He had always dreamed of flying & serving his country!Leigh was devastated to find out the news. She was pregnant with their son & felt like her world had just ended, when in fact it was just beginning!

Leigh has a wonderful family & they all wrapped their arms around her! With help from her family & friends Leigh & Grace made it through this tragedy! I will never forget hearing the news that Nick had passed! It was like my heart fell out! I knew how much they loved each other & what strong Christian people they are!

For Christmas, Leigh had everyone that knew Nick write a letter about how they knew him & how he had changed their lives. I was so proud to write a letter for her & know that she would have this huge collection of letters to share with their family! It was a wonderful way to share with their children about the impact Nick had made on so many lives!

In February, Leigh gave birth to their son Caleb! I am sad that I haven't seen Caleb, Leigh & Grace since they moved to South Carolina! I am so thankful for each & every phone conversation & email we share!

Leigh, Grace & Caleb


Grace loving Caleb



Happy Mother's Day & Every Day!!
Leigh I thank God everyday you are my friend!
I love your family so much!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Conference for Women & Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser Women's Challenge Group

This is a pic of me & the group that participated in the challenge. Our leader was Diane Cunningham, a Life Purpose Coach.
Together we lost over 250lbs!!

We all got recognized at the 2010 Conference for Women!
It was a lot of fun!

The Keynote Speaker was Michelle Aguilar who was the Season 6 Winner of The Biggest Loser.

Michelle started the Biggest Loser Competition at 242lbs. and lost 110lbs. for a 45.45% weight loss percentage, claiming the shows $250,000 grand prize. Michelle entered the competition looking to lose weight and resurrect her relationship with her mom. She emerged a champion on both levels. Michelle has since been featured in numerous magazines and has worked with the "Got Milk" advertising campaign. Today, she tours nationally with the Women of Faith and working on her first book. Michelle was married in the spring of 2009 & continues to live in Texas.

Michelle Aguilar
Season 6 Winner of The Biggest Loser

Michelle Aguilar Keynote Speaker


I know my girls will never be Rider Raiders, but it was fun to get a pic of them! Like I said in the last post, we went to a program at Rider. It was fun to go back! It was the 1st time I had been in the school since I graduated in 1998! It still looks pretty much the same! The girls & I walked up & down the halls, & I enjoyed answering all the questions they asked me!

Here are a few of the ?:

Momma do you remember which locker was yours?
I had no idea!?!

Momma what was your favorite class?
It was a tie between Child Development & Marketing

Momma did you ever get in trouble at school?
No, I was such a good girl!!
(Hey, there are some things they don't need to know)

We had a good time! Go ROHO!!

Little Women & Willy Wonka

What a combination!!

A few weeks ago we went to see Little Women at Wichita Theatre.
It was really good!

I have always enjoyed the movie!
I am also the proud owner of the book!

Little Women
hardback 1922 edition

This jewel of a book was given to me by Page Scott. She was a very special lady that I worked for from 1999 to 2002. I felt so honored when she gave me her favorite book from her childhood.

We also went to see Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory at Rider High School.
The play was put on by students from Crockett Elementary. This is the school were my mom works.

The program was very cute & the kids did an excellent job!

Here are a few pics:

Crockett students

Emily & her Wonka Bar

Kayleigh & her Wonka Bar

Emily & Kayleigh