Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Miracle Marek

God is so Good!
We have been praying for our baby cousin Marek since May!
Marek was born 3 months early! Mel had severe preeclampsia.
This was on May 6th.

1st pic with momma (Mel)

Marek Thompson Crane weighed 1lb 12oz. when he was born!
This was on May 8th.

Marek's bracelets (Stephen's wedding ring)
1st pic: on foot
2nd pic: on wrist
Just to give you an idea of how tiny he was.

This was on May 19th.
3 weeks old!

Granneepoo aka Boujie (Jann)& Papa John (John)

On June 1st, Marek was taken off the CPAP (for breathing).
He weighed 2lbs 10oz.

On June 16th, Marek weighed 3lbs 10oz.
7 weeks old! Able to wear clothes for the 1st time.

On Aug. 19th, Marek weighed a little over 6lbs.!
He will have a hernia operation in Oct.

Stephen & Mel & Marek

Once again THANK YOU GOD!!
Marek is such a MIRACLE!

Beauty & The Beast

As part of Emily's Birthday, I took her & Kayleigh to see:
Beauty & The Beast, Jr. at The Wichita Theatre.
Once again, it was wonderful!
We have yet to see a show we didn't like!

The show was performed by local children who are 18 years or younger!
It was great! The girls loved the show!
Their favorite characters were:
Lumiere - The Candelabra played by:
Cameron Hall who was also in High School Musical 2
Lefou - Gastons silly sidekick played by:
Peter Duncan who was also in Willy Wonka & Alice in Woderland

We are looking forward to Annie in September!

Pirate Party

Emily & Tommy celebrated their birthday together!
They had a Pirate Themed Party!

Emily's Birthday is the 26th & turned 5!
Tommy's is the 30th & turned 4!

We had a BIG joint party! ALL the family & friends!
DoDad cooked hamburgers & hotdogs for everyone.
After cake we got to swim!

Left: Nan & Emily
Right: Aunt Karen & Camille

Left: Emily, Aunt KK & Kayleigh
Right: Nathalie, Aunt KK, Kayleigh, Emily, Anut Karen & Camille

Ranch Roundup

The Ranch Roundup is always a fun filled weekend!
It is a large fundraiser for North Texas Rehab.

The girls enjoyed seeing the Budweiser Clydesdale Horses
& participated in some of the children's activities:

Emily liked the guinea pigs
(Like on G-Force New Disney Movie)

Girl Scouts In OKC

The Holliday Girl Scout Troop, has been together since 1st grade!
These girls participated in many activities over the last 4 years.
They completed several hours of community service, sold thousands of boxes of cookies & earned numerous patches!

Sadly, the Troop will not be returning this school year:(
Money the girls earned from cookie sales was used for a trip!
The girls enjoyed a final weekend trip to Oklahoma City!
They had a blast at the Science Museum & at the OK City Zoo.
They enjoyed eating at the Toby Keith Steakhouse.

The Troop has six girls, one leader & one co-leader.
Kelsey, Emily & Bethany were unable to attend.
Kayleigh, Cheyenne & Becky attended the trip.
Lacy & I are the leader & co-leader, we too had a great time!

Kayleigh's picture sitting on the big tooth for Aunt Brenda!
Compared to the wing span of the eagle (Holliday Eagles)

Kayleigh's picture with the baby rhino for DoDad!


They had a fun final Girl Scout weekend & are looking forward to 5th Grade!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Newness of Life

A few weeks ago, during VBS, Kayleigh accepted Christ into her life!

Casey, Kayleigh & I visited with Bro. Darryl about Kayleigh's decision.
Bro. Darryl talked to Kayleigh about:
The Baptism of Jesus, The Meaning of Baptism & The Lord's Command

Kayleigh and Taylor Boyce shared their experience of Baptism.
It made the day even more special!

Kayleigh has been blessed to have so many loving & supportive family members!
Trisha (MiMi) & Karen
DoDad & Nancie, Nan & PopPop
Kyle & Marla, Dylan & Kylee
Brenda & Elwanda (Grandmaw)
Chris & Jess & Crockett
Casey & I, Emily & Nathalie
We all watched as Kayleigh & Taylor were baptized together!
We are so proud of Kayleigh!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

GREASE is the word!

We love going to the Wichita Theatre! Since April, we have seen Oklahoma!, High School Musicl 2, Wizard of Oz, & most recently Grease!

My friend Randi Roanhaus played the lead Laurie in Oklahoma!
She did an amazing job!

This is Molly Turner aka Rizzo
(My favorite character!)

This is Hannah White aka Frenchy
(Her entire family is invovled in Theatre)

Left- Justin Partridge aka Danny
(Was also in Wizard of Oz as the Scarecrow)
Middle- Brittany Roberts aka Cha-Cha DiGregorio
(Was also in High School Musical 2 as Taylor)
Right- Corey Rauscher aka Doody
(Was also in High School Musical 2 as Ryan Evans)

Kayleigh loves getting autographs from the cast after each show!
She knows they aren't the real movie stars, but thinks they may be some day!

We are looking forward to seeing Beauty & The Beast in August!
We also got a sneak peak of Annie that will be in September!