Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kell House Christmas

The girls were fortunate to participate in the Kell House Christmas again this year! This was Kayleigh's 6th year & Emily's 2nd. They really enjoy it & are willing to do it as long as the Kell House needs them! The girls, play the role of Cybil & Mary Jo Kell. The host reads a story "Tuggle's Toy Shop" & when the girls hear the bell ring, they are to come down the stairs & check their stockings. When they see that Santa has left them nothing, they are to pout & stomp back up the stairs! It is a very small part & the girls hope to graduate to a larger role in the future.

Kayleigh & Emily
aka Cybil & Mary Jo

With their pouting face

Outside by the Carriage House

Averie Claire Is Here!!!!

We have waited along time for this one!!
Sweet Little Averie Claire is finally here!!
She was born at 36 weeks & weighed 6lbs, 17 1/2 in.!
She is sweet as can be!
Even with a troublesome beginning she is home & well!
Congratulations Brooke & Jody, Chloe, Maisie & Matthew!

Baby Averie

Baby Averie

We kept Matthew while Brooke was in the hospital. He is such a sweet boy! He loved playing outside with the girls, especially Emily since she is the same age as his sisters! He loved rocking & snuggling with me & the best part of all he went to bed at 8pm & woke at 7am!


Mr. Turkey

This year since Nathalie is in Pre-School, she got to participate in the Thanksgiving Festival. Casey had to work, so my dad (DoDad) got to come & be a part of the celebration! It was so much fun & the kids were so cute! Nathalie's class sang three songs, "Mr. Turkey", "The Leaves Are Falling Down" & "R E D". The teachers did such a wonderful job with the kids! When the program was over we all got to eat a big Thanksgiving Feast! It is a lot of hard work, but we are so blessed for these ladies to be a part of our children's lives!

Nathalie w/ Mrs. Kim

Nathalie's class

Projects & Crafts

We have had a lot of projects & crafts for school over the past weeks!
The girls also enjoyed making paper rings, bracelets & crowns!
They are wearing them in the pictures with their projects!

Emily's was to design a suit for Santa, because Mrs. Claus shrunk it. She also had to wright a letter to Santa & persuade him to use Emily's suit! We made a suit with a thermal shirt & fleece pants to keep him warm & a vest made of spandex so it could stretch. Emily was really excited about her project! They all look really cute hanging in the hall at school!

Santa's Emergency Suit

Nathalie's craft was to make a Boot Stocking! She helped pick out the supplies, but when the Elmer's glue wouldn't stick I had to use the hot glue gun! Again, they all look so cute hanging at her pre-school.

Boot Stocking

Kayleigh had to make a volcano for Science! Casey had the great idea to use a Christmas tree stand! The only requirement was to have a 20oz. bottle to support the explosion. We used felt, sandpaper, moss, rocks & paint. We had a lot of fun making it! Kayleigh also had to write a paper about different kinds of volcanoes & about her volcano & the supplies she used! She was so proud & we were proud of her too!

Mt. McKayleigh

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fun Day Sunday!!

After church all the family went to Kiddie Park so the cousins could play! It was great fun! The girls were so funny in their dresses & skirts still trying to be lady like! We played about 20 minutes before Emily crashed & burned off the slide & got a piece of gravel stuck in her knee. Emily has a scar to remind her of the Fun Day Sunday!

My Big Baby Kayleigh

Cousin Rich

Cousin Crockett

Monkey Emily

My Little Baby Nattie

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Nattie!!!!

Western Cake

Nattie w/her cake

Nattie Make A Wish!

Nathalie's Birthday this year was so much fun! We had a Western Theme & held it at Griffin's Riding Arena.
The kids had a blast! They got to ride horses, have a calf scramble, pull the ribbon off the goats tail & ride on a barrel train.
This year we included a few friends in the celebration, so between all the family & friends we had about 20 kids!
The kids ran there legs off & fortunately we remained injury free!!

Ride! Nattie Ride!

Emily Not So Sure!?!

Cowboy Caige

Katie w/her mom Dawn
Kayleigh in the background

Cowboy Jack

Cowgirl Leah

Tyler on the train

Tom on the train

Andy on the train

Abbie Gayle on the train

Camille on the train

Kayleigh, Andy & Tyler
Chasing the goats

Waiting for the calf scramble

Caige, Andy, Emily & Nattie
Chasing the calf

KK From DC

The girls Aunt (Kelly) aka KK was here for a visit from DC. She was able to come & go to church & then all the family went to Grandmaw Elwanda's for lunch. We had a great visit & enjoyed a game of Train (dominoes). The girls, especially Kayleigh love when they get to see Kelly! We hope to make our way to DC, even if it is just me & Kayleigh that go!

Nattie, Crockett, Emily, Kayleigh & Kelly

A Little More Halloween!!

Nattie, Andy, Kayleigh, Tommy & Emily