Friday, December 18, 2009

Band Christmas Concert

All of the Holliday Bands performed a Christmas Concert!
The kids all dressed nice & the high school gym was packed!
The 5th grade, junior high & high school bands played.

The 5th grade band has improved soo much, in such a short time.
The 1st song they played was: Jingle Bells

The 2nd song they played was: Up On The House Top

Kayleigh really enjoys being in the band!
She loves music & we are proud of her accomplishments!

Christmas 2009

Dear Friends & Family,

WOW!! This year has gone by sooo fast! We had many things happen in our family this year. It is still hard to believe that it has been one yeas since the passing of Casey's Great Uncle, (Cecil Guinn) & More Grandma (Carolyn Kessler). As much as we miss them both, it is comforting to know that we will see them again.

The 1s quarter of the year was especially life changing for me. Making the transition from working full time to being a stay at home mom was a HUGE adjustment. A year later, I still feel like it was the best decision for our family.

The 2nd quarter of the year flew by! We attended Kayleigh's baseball games & went on Emily's daycare field trips. We celebrated Emily graduating from Preschool & Kayleigh turning 10! Emily loves kindergarten & has learned sooo much, like learning to read. We still can't believe that Kayleigh has been apart of our lives for a decade.

The 3rd quarter of the year was a summer of fun & new found faith. Kayleigh accepted Christ & was baptized. We are so proud of her & continue to support her new Christian life. We also celebrated Emily's 5th birthday. She is looking more like a young lady everyday.
Up to this point we have said nothing about Nathalie. She is a good sport, being dragged to & from all of her big sisters things. Nathalie has enjoyed some special M&M (Mom & Munchkins) events.

The 4th & final quarter of this year!! We celebrated Nathalie's 3rd birthday. She enjoys preschool! Kayleigh & Emily are enjoying their 1st season of basketball. This has been a learning experience for all of us!
We continue to mourn the loss of a dear friend Nick Giglio! Our thoughts & prayers remain with Leigh (Nick's wife), Grace (daughter) & soon to arrive Caleb (son).

God has been so good to our family this year! We look forward to what the future holds! We are very thankful that you are apart of it! We pray that 2010 will bring the very best to you!

Casey & Amie Stone

It All Happened In The Country

The theme for the church Christmas program was:
It All Happened In The Country

The kids worked very hard on it!
Kayleigh & Emily both got to be apart of the program.

Emily & the 4 & 5 year olds.

Kayleigh & a few other 4th & 5th graders

Kayleigh dancing to the Jingle Bell Rap!

The point of the story was that country folks & city folks
may have differences, but they can share in the story of Jesus Birth!

May we all remember the True reason for Christmas!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Santa Claus came to town!

Every year we have a small town parade, to start the holiday season.
The last several years Kayleigh & I have been in the parade.
We would ride on a float with her Girl Scout Troop.
This year Kayleigh opted to not do Girl Scouts, so we got to be spectators!
It was so much fun being with all the kids watching the floats go by!
They enjoyed getting all the candy & seeing their friends & teachers.

Kayleigh, Emily & Nattie
Andy & Tommy
Waiting for the Parade to start

Crockett & Uncle Casey

Holliday High School Band

Spot The Fire House Dog

Santa (He left the reindeer at home)

When the parade is over, everyone makes a mad dash to the school!
They have donuts & the best part of all: SANTA!!


Emily & Nattie (1st time to not cry!)

Crockett (Mean Old Santa)



Grand Fans

Emily is playing her 1st season of Basketball.
Her team name is the Holliday Heartbreakers!
They have played 2 games & have won both!
Yeah! 1st game was 10 - 4. 2nd game 18 - 10.

It is so great that so many family members
& friends come & watch these young kids play!

She was sooo excited to see Hot Shot & MaryAnn at her game!

Go Heartbreakers!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Goldilocks Give Me Back My Girls

For Nathalie's birthday, my best friend Brooke gave her a Barbie dress up set.
The set included a blonde wig, bracelets, phone, etc.
The girls all wanted to put the wig on to see what it would look like to be blonde!

The outcome was frightening!
You be the judge!




Thank you Aunt Brookie!
The girls have had a blast dressing up!

Happy Birthday Unkie Joe!!

My brother Joseph turned 34!
I call him Bubba.
Kayleigh calls him Unkie Joe.
Emily calls him Unlce Jofus.
Nattie calls him Unkie Joey.
No matter what his name is, we love him!

Joseph & Dad (DoDad)
checking out a b-day gift

Joseph & Tommy
reading a b-day card

Tommy, Kayleigh & Me

We all met at Parkway Grill!
It was a surprise for Joseph.
His cake looked like speakers!
Joseph is all about music!
The louder the better!

Happy Birthday Bubba! I love you!

Kell House Christmas

Anyone from Wichita Falls has heard of the Kell Family.
The Kell House is now a museum & recently celebrated it's 100th birthday.
For the last 27 years the Kell House has hosted "Santa House".
"Santa House" is a reenactment of the Kell Family Christmas.

Kayleigh has played the part of Young Cybil Kell the past few years.
This year, Emily got to join Kayleigh & played the part of Young Mary Jo.

As someone is telling the story their are different cues the characters listen for & then play out their parts. Young Cybil & Mary Jo are to wait for a bell to ring & then come down the staircase. Then they are to look in their stockings to see if Santa has left them a gift. When they see that he has not, then they are to act very disappointed & then stomp back up the stairs.

Kayleigh & Emily practicing disappointing faces

Waiting for their cue

With MiMi in front of the
fireplace with the stockings

Nattie making a
rocking horse ornament

The girls really enjoyed being apart of the Kell Family Christmas!
Kayleigh hopes to graduate from playing Young Cybil , to play
MiMi the Tuggle Toy Shop Doll.

Always looking forward with new goals for the future.
After all, that is what the Kell Family lived for!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


When I picked Emily up from school, she was soo excited!
She told me about the football boys that came to her class that day!
Emily said one of the boys was her teacher (Mrs.Baumer) son.
She also told me that she had her picture made with them!
Her favorite part was that she got to sit on one of their shoulders!

That night at dinner I was telling Casey about all her excitement!
He was like: "WHAT?" "WHO?"

So he started questioning Emily.
She was so funny!
Emily: "Dad, you know, it was our cousin!"

Casey had a total change of face, attitude etc.
Casey: "Oh, you mean it was Dylan!?!"

So a few weeks passed & then Emily brought home this picture.
It was her Kindergarten class with the Senior football players & their autographs.

Okay so Casey has already got the protective part down!
Emily is soo proud of her picture & her HERO!

Snow White Who?

The girls, Trisha, Mom & I went to Snow White at Wichita Theatre.
All the plays we have seen have been WONDERFUL!
Snow White was NOT!

The Disney movie is so cute & the girls LOVE IT!
This production was not so good! :(
Snow White & The Queen, basically the same.
The Seven Dwarfs OMG!
& Fred

What are they smoking?

Kayleigh thought it was funny!
(She is old enough to get it!)

Emily sooo disappointed!
(Momma, What happened to Dopey & Sneezy?!?)

So I read the playbill & discover:
This production is based from the book & lyrics by Elsa Rael

One strike against you Wichita Theatre!

They have one show left for this season:
Two From Galilee

Next years line up looks really good!
You know what they say: Looks can be deceiving!?!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Nattie

Casey took Nattie & Emily to see Hot Shot & Mary Ann.
Kayleigh had basketball so we didn't get to go!

Nattie enjoyed opening her birthday gift!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh Me, Nattie is 3!!

I can't believe Nathalie is 3!!
We had her party at Georgann's Tea Room.
The girls had such a wonderful time with all the dress up clothes!

Here are some of our favorites!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gobble, Gobble!

Thanksgiving is such an important holiday!
We have so much to be thankful for!

Grandmaw & I enjoyed a Thanksgiving Feast w/Emily at the school.
The girls all dressed like pilgrims & the boys like Indians!

My Little Pilgrim!

Pilgrim Emily & Indian Reagan
(Have known each other since 6 weeks old)

Kayleigh also had to write a paper about what she was Thankful for:
It is very sweet & made me even more thankful for my husband & children!

What I Am Thankful For
I am thankful for my mom.
She is a really good mom, she takes very good care of me.
Iam also thankful for my dad too.
He is a hard working man and he is a very supportive dad to.
I always look up to my sisters, seeing what their learning new.
I am thankful to all the people that look up to me and care about me.
I am thankful for my teacher Mrs. Lewellen, she helps me with my work.
I am also thankful that I have a house, bed and food.
I am thankful when I learn about God.
I am thankful for everybody that I know.
by: Kayleigh Stone 5A

Circus! Circus!

Do we have to get our pic w/ the clown!?!

How many people before they all fall!?!

Horse of another color? or My Little Pony?

Kitty sit pretty?

That's All Folks!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wicked Weekend

Halloween is always fun!
It is nice to go to the businesses to trick or treat!
The girls also enjoy the carnival at the church!

We made our way to Grandmaw's to get pics with Crockett & Rich!
It was 1st Halloween's for both of the boys!

The girls were excited to go to DoDad's!
He always fixes the yard up so spooky!

We had fun visiting with the Green's!
They have chili for all their friends & family!

Witch Kayleigh, Lady Bug Nattie & Dancing Princess Emily

At the Daycare with Mrs. Vickie

At Grandmaw's with cousins Crockett(Horse) & Rich(Cow)

At The Green's with Princess Chloe & Witch Maisie

Halloween was a great weekend!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Munchkins, Lunchkins & Pumpkins

Once a month the Moms & Munckins(M&Ms)Group meet to eat lunch, visit & let the kids play!
This month we went to Smith Garden Town Farms.
Although it was windy, we had a great time!