Thursday, December 2, 2010

Parties, Hayrides & Festivals Oh My!!

Halloween was GREAT!!
The girls had soooo much fun!

Kayleigh was invited to her 1st Boy/Girl party!!!
Yes, I said BOY!

They told scary stories, bobbed for apples, had a costume contest, etc.
Here is a picture:

Audry, Kayleigh & Hailie

This year we hosted a hayride!
The girls wanted to invite their friends to go Trick-0r-Treating with us. We don't go door to door, but business' stay open & the route goes up & down the Main Streets of town.

Kayleigh, Emily & Nathalie
My sweet little Witches!!

Emily, Kayleigh & Jack
Abbie Gayle, Lily & Morgan
Katie & Nathalie

Sweet Fairy Sisters
Katie & Lily

Emily & Jack

One of our stops each year is at daycare!

Mrs. Vicki & Kayleigh

Before the hayride, we stopped to see Aunt Brenda!!

Nattie, Emily, Aunt Brenda & Kayleigh

Our churh hosts a Fall Festival!
We were able to catch up with a cute little farmer!

Kayleigh, Crockett & Emily

Emily & Kayleigh fishing for sweets!

Everyone was hungry so we all had hotdogs!

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  1. Fantastic pics, Amie - this looks like it was a ton of fun! I'm so excited to be seeing you all in more than just pictures soon . . . only a few more days :-) Hugs & kisses to all . . .