Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kell House Christmas

The girls were fortunate to participate in the Kell House Christmas again this year! This was Kayleigh's 6th year & Emily's 2nd. They really enjoy it & are willing to do it as long as the Kell House needs them! The girls, play the role of Cybil & Mary Jo Kell. The host reads a story "Tuggle's Toy Shop" & when the girls hear the bell ring, they are to come down the stairs & check their stockings. When they see that Santa has left them nothing, they are to pout & stomp back up the stairs! It is a very small part & the girls hope to graduate to a larger role in the future.

Kayleigh & Emily
aka Cybil & Mary Jo

With their pouting face

Outside by the Carriage House

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